Sunday, August 28, 2016

4 Marketing Mistakes Startups Should Avoid

A successful startup is only as good as its marketing strategy.

If you provided the best service in the world, or sold the greatest product out there, but no one ever heard of it, can you call yourself a success? Of course not.

Understanding how to properly convey your message without error is something every entrepreneur aspires to do. Here are some marketing mistakes to avoid if you are a startup business:

Not Understanding Your Target Market

Even though it would be great if everyone wanted to buy products from you (and you alone), that’s just not a realistic expectation. A potential customer will be inclined to buy from you if they know you have what they want.

Taking time to understand buyer behaviors of your target market allows you to personalize your marketing campaigns and messages, so a customer feels confident your service or produce will solve their problems.

Trying to speak to everyone is a waste of time. Isolate potential customers who are likely to buy from you.

Not Researching Your Audience

Test your marketing strategies and ask for feedback. Don’t just request opinions from your inner circle - venture out to strangers and get their honest thoughts. If you are pitching an idea to an investor, they are going to ask questions about your audience, including its size and whether you already are making sales.

They will want to see statistics and research to back up your claims, and to determine if your idea has wheels and is proven to be in demand. Without figures or sales to back up your claims, the only thing you can hope to do is capture interest from your idea, which is substantially harder.

Putting Too Much Emphasis on Marketing Materials

We all want stylish websites and promotional materials (flyers and business cards). However, the aesthetics alone shouldn’t be the focal point. The problem your product or service solves is what you should be emphasizing. Focus on establishing a reputation from producing value and delivering exceptional quality. When you develop something people anticipate, you’ll actually create a buzz and genuine discussion. Not to say that flyer marketing, a website or marketing materials won’t help, but alone they can't determine your success.

Putting Just Anyone in Charge

Trying to do everything “because I will do it better” is a mistake most entrepreneurs make. Employ a marketing director or team dedicated to help, no matter how small your business is. The launch of a startup involves a lot of work, and should be done well, not ‘as best you can’.

Use experts to handle the important things you don’t have time for. Don’t use an intern or anyone not proficient at a specific task. If you need someone to run your social media accounts, make sure that person understands the fundamentals of social media marketing. Ensure that the person you delegate things to is on the same page as you, in order to keep your brand’s message and appearance consistent.

Learning about your target market and establishing a customer base are critical elements for a successful startup. Keeping experts in charge of things you’re not doing regularly is just as important as having a strong product or service.

The sooner you avoid these pitfalls, the quicker your startup business will become a reality and success. Our printing and design experts would be glad to help create your brand identity or marketing materials. Browse our site or call us today at 678-235-3464.

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