Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Flyer Marketing 101 - Use, Size, Design and Printing

Whether you want to promote an event, product or service, flyers can be effective at garnering attention and delivering your message to your potential customer. Though, all flyers do not perform the same, nor are they created equal. Much of the success of a printed flyer campaign depends on the planning and capabilities of the graphic designer that’s creating the artwork. Below are a tips to consider before creating your next promotional flyer.

What’s the Goal of the Flyer?

Your ultimate goal and intended use for creating the flyer should determine everything from its size, design, and distribution method. Maybe you have a new product that you want customers to know about or promoting the grand opening of your new store or restaurant. Despite the situation you must be clear on the intended goal of the flyer. Once the core goal is solidified, each of the next steps can be more effective.

Distribution of the Flyer

Before deciding the flyer size you must identify where you will distribute the flyers. Each distribution channel has different advantages and benefits. For example, handing a flyer to a customer that’s in your store is much different than mailing a postcard to residents in a specific zip code.

Mailing flyers is also known as direct mail, and has specific requirements set by the post office. The specifications set by the post office can impact the flyer size and layout. Thus it is important to be clear whether you will be handing flyers out, offering them at a trade show, or distributing them via direct mail.

Size of the Flyer

Once you know your distribution method you can make a decision about the size of your flyer. Choosing the right size is important and may be the difference whether your flyer is accepted or trashed.

Two standard flyer are 4x6 inches and 5x7 inches. Smaller flyers sizes are 3x4 or 3x5. When you think of direct mail flyers, they usually start at 6.5x8 and increase in size. When using direct mail consider – the larger the flyer the more attention it may receive. It is hard to ignore an oversized flyer sticking out of your mailbox.

So the size of your flyer should match its intended use and method of distribution. Consistent with our distribution scenarios, consider choosing a flyer size that easily fits in your customers pocket or purse, or a size large enough to stand out from everything else in a potential customers mailbox.

Design of the Flyer

Colors, fonts, and element (logo, website, phone number) placement are a few factors that impact the success of a flyer campaign. If the goal of the flyer is to promote an event, the design may be focused on the date, time and venue. However, if you’re promoting a limited-time offer, more attention will need to be given to the offer and instructions to claim the deal.

To accomplish this, graphic designers consider legibility of fonts, contrast of size and color, and how the layout of the flyer will direct a customers eyes. Inexperienced designers may not have this awareness, whereas more experienced designers know how to make a flyer more effective.

Naturally designers learn more tricks and techniques with experience. Generally speaking, you want a designer with a large portfolio and several years of graphic design experience. Be sure to communicate the purpose of the flyer, what you want the customer to be aware of, and the action they should take.

Once you receive your design, consider if it’s successful at communicating your primary goal. Obviously it should look good visually, but remember the success of your flyer depends on its ability to get your customer to take a specific action. Ask yourself, does this flyer communicate my message clearly? The answer will help determine necessary revisions and make your flyer more effective.

Look at these flyer designs, notice their message and the goal of these flyers:

Printing the Flyer

When you have the files from the designer, it’s time to print the flyer. Most likely there are many printing companies in your area; note price and turnaround time are only two factors you want to consider.

Staples and FedEx Office are local printing chains that are convenient. With these printing services you trade price and level of customization for convenience. Their prices may be more expensive than a local print shop. Send your artwork files, desired paper weight, size, and finishing specs to get an apples to apples quote.

Commercial print shops usually have more favorable pricing and equipment capable of producing higher quality prints with greater detail. Thicker papers, extensive colors, and glossy finishes are examples of customizations that may be available with commercial print shops.

Most professional print shops utilize a process called “gang-run” printing. In this printing process several print jobs are printed simultaneously on large sheets of paper. There may be subtle color or size variations in gang-run printing. With print shops, what you gain in price and customization options, you may trade for convenience and subtle color variances.

Printer Color Mode

One important aspect to consider when choosing a printing company is the color mode or color profile your materials will be created in. In short, CMYK is used in most local gang-run printing companies. This color mode offers more colors compared to RGB printers. However, if your printer uses the CMYK color mode and the designer created the artwork using RGB, you will need to request your flyer files in CMYK color mode. This detail is important and if overlooked can cause your blues to look purple.

Decide whether level of customization, color-match, turnaround time, and price factors are most important. Then choose a flyer printing service that can meet your requirements. Once your new flyers are delivered, the fun begins and it’s time to promote your event or service.

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